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North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment

NAmTrans, a subsidiary of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, serves the large and growing cluster of more than 50 Transportation Equipment and Aerospace companies across the seven-county North Country region of New York State. NAmTrans has developed a number of direct support services for cluster companies, including workforce training and recruitment, supply chain efficiencies, procurement and contracting, government affairs support, and the sharing of best practices and solutions.

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While we work on our new site, check out some of our videos below to learn more about the manufacturers that make up our cluster and hear directly from some of the employees who live and work here in the North Country.

The Chamber is currently offering free welding training - learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Go behind the scenes at AQ Wiring Systems to learn more about the cable assemblies and harnesses they produce that power transit buses and more.

Go behind the scenes at Imeco Cables to learn more about the battery cables and other electrical components they produce in support of Nova Bus and other customers.

Go behind the scenes at SpencerARL to learn more about the logistical support, sub-assembly production, and other services they provide to Nova Bus.

Go behind the scenes at Nova Bus to learn more about how diesel, hybrid, and fully-electric transit buses are assembled right here in Plattsburgh, NY.

Go behind the scenes at Seifert Transit Graphics to learn about one of the final steps in the transit bus production process - vinyls, decals, and wraps!

Go behind the scenes with Assemblyman Billy Jones to learn about Vapor Stone Rail Systems and the doors/door operating systems they produce for metros and trains!

Learn more about Mitchell Graham's career path at Alstom (formerly Bombardier Transportation)

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